I was born in Hana, Maui where my love for the arts began.  I started painting at a young age and gave my father an oil portrait of him as a baby on his birthday. There were times when I would draw what came into my mind right away, because I felt that if I didn't draw it right away I would lose the image or images. Many years went by and I did a mural on an apartment I rented, the owner loved it. I have been too busy at work and didn't do anything for many years. I moved back to Maui after living in Arizona for 8 years. I knew that I needed to paint again, I thought I lost the gift until I met a stylist and an artist who encouraged me to paint again. I saw an oil painting that made me cry, because I thought I lost the gift that God had given me. These friends encouraged me again and I started painting. Roxy who was my first oil portrait, she was the insipiration that started me painting again, she's a Bullmastiff, 
one of an English breed of dogs having a short fawn of brindled coat, produced by crossing the Bull dog and the mastiff.

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